Father Feeds Me

My weekend at home has flown by! I still have a pesky art history paper that I’m supposed to write tonight. Let’s see if that even gets started before I go to bed…

Anyway, like the title of the post says, today was a day where I relinquished the kitchen and my father took over. Growing up, my dad would always make the family breakfasts on the weekend mornings. His specialty was pancakes–he still reminds me that he makes the best pancakes when I rave about all the others I eat. And being a good daughter and one to tell the truth, I agree with him. πŸ™‚ For Sunday mornings, he would make eggs which is what he made this morning.


I had one egg sunny side up with two pieces of ham and one piece of whole wheat toast. Check out the mug holding my steaming cup of joe. My best friend from high school brought me back that on one of her vacations to Florida. I forgot I had it! This breakfast was a nice change–I hardly ever eat this combination now. It’s a little too greasy to eat all the time for my liking.

The parents and I went to church and came back to make lunch. I made myself a panini-pressed grilled cheese with one slice provolone, one slice swiss and sliced up cherry tomatoes.


I feel like the sandwich half is sticking its tongue out. Ha! On the side, I had half a red delicious apple (which was delicious–we only ever have galas at school), a few strawberries and a couple of carrot sticks. I’m trying to eat more veggies!

My mom and I ran more errands in the afternoon, and we got back within less than two hours of dinner so I had a small snack of Dannon Light & Fit in Lemon Chiffon.


Check out that shadow action! These are the yogurts offered at school, and my mom had bought this before I came home. I really like them even though I know they’re not as nutritious as they say.

While I was devouring this baby, another baby wanted to say hi. And also get some licks of yogurt.


Meet Jake, my 13-year-old Persian cat. He’s squinting from the camera flash.

While my dad was making a delicious dinner and dessert for the women in his life (me and my mom), I set out to make another dessert for him. A Key Lime Pie, specifically, which is one of my dad’s favorites.


This ended up being just okay. I didn’t have a piece (I don’t really like key lime pie), but my parents did and seemed to be complimenting me out of parent duty this time. Another recipe will be used the next time I make one for someone.

Dinner was BBQ. My dad slaved over the grill in the rain to make us some yummy pork chops/steaks. Paired with corn on the cob and more heavily garlic herb bread, my mouth was in taste heaven.


What a perfect Memorial Day weekend dinner! I also got a very special treat: Dad’s homemade ice cream. We couldn’t even remember the last time he made this. He thought two years, but I thought longer.


In honor of this special occasion, I went back for seconds.

After dinner, my mom and dad exchanged their 30th wedding anniversary presents because my mom couldn’t wait until their actual anniversary (Tuesday) to give my dad his gift. My mom got a pearl necklace and earrings (pearl=standard 30 year wedding anniversary gift) and my dad got an iPod touch. My parents were so funny spending hours playing with it tonight, while I had little interest in testing it out. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around, generationally speaking!

I had a handful of the popcorn my dad makes most nights for a little nighttime snack. He uses this fancy device to pop the corn. It’s a staple in our household.

popperLet’s see if I can write just one page of my paper before going to bed. I’m thinking it’s not going to happen. I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day!

Who’s the cook in your house: the guy or the girl?


8 responses to “Father Feeds Me

  1. Oooh, everything looks so good! I love ice cream, and I’m sure homemade was even better than store bought.

    Happy Early Anniversary to your parents!

    Good luck with the paper writing, too. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh all that homemade stuff – yum! πŸ™‚ Your Dad seems like quite the chef! My Dad loves to cook as well, but so do I, so I guess it’s a tie between who cooks more in this house πŸ˜›

    Best of luck with your art history paper – I took that class last semester and I’m not gonna lie, I love art, but I hated the class. Ugh! I feel your pain!

    Happy Memorial Day and I hope the sun is shining for you!


  3. Grilling out is always worth it, even in the rain! My mom always cooks except when it comes to grilling meat – that’s Dad’s one and only job.

  4. Looks like you had a great memorial day cookout! I dont know, that key lime pie LOOKS pretty darn good. Im sure its better than what I could do for sure, I have never even attempted key lime pie before.

    Hope the rest of your long weekend goes great!

  5. My dad and I are totally the cooks at my house…and my sister…my mom hates anything wife-like. Haha. Except vacuuming, unfortunately.

    Have a great day and good luck with your paper!

  6. haha your dad is awesome! I wish he would cook for me.. my poppacita just mastered easy mac :)!

    happy 30th anniversary to you rents!!

    have a beautiful day, girlie! xoxo

  7. Hi! thanks for welcoming me! and in my house i have to cook a lot of my food since i am vegitarian and the rest of my fam isn’t, but other wise my dad grill and my mom cooks inside.

  8. oh wow that key lime pie looks heavenly!

    glad you had an awesome weekend! Being home is always fun and relaxing…nothing beats it

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