The (Not At) Home Stretch

Well, I’m back at school…and still not completely finished with that art history paper. Grr!  I’m excited to soon be done with that class for good.

It was sad saying goodbye to home, but I am happy to be back with friends at school and return to my normal routine, I suppose. Especially my normal eating! Today was not a great day eating wise. I actually didn’t have three meals! I can’t remember the last time I skipped a meal.

I got up early so I could work on the damn paper and indulged in another childhood favorite: Wheat Chex with warm milk heated up on the stove. Mmmm….the Wheat Chex get really soft and delicious. I highly recommend heating up your milk to go in some cereals.


My coffee was Folgers Gourmet Selection Ground Coffee in Chocolate Truffle with Coffee-mate’s Vanilla Caramel creamer. It was the sweetest coffee I’ve ever had! Definitely a treat!

Before I tackled the paper (or it tackled me), I had one last thing to conjure up in the kitchen: Dreena’s Super-Charge Me! cookies. These were super easy to make, and I can’t even express how delicious they tasted. Click on that link, print out the recipe and make these cookies all the time. It’s like an energy bar in cookie form, I swear.


My picture of heaven: a mountain of cookies. Yummmmmmm.

I met my best friend from high school for lunch which was supposed to be breakfast. We wanted to go to the Original Pancake House, but we drove there to find out it was closed for Memorial Day. No worries! We were on a road that basically existed for restaurants and retail. We decided to go to Mimi’s Cafe, a chain that I found out is basically in all the bottom half states (what, no northern love?) and is similar to and owned by Bob Evans, which I loved going to as a kid. (I’m seeing a recurring theme of me going back to my childhood. Hmm…) It was good. Basically what I expected. Apparently the muffins you get are incredible. My friend and I both got burgers so they didn’t come with them.


Yay for a good veggie burger! And it was BIG. I had coleslaw on the side. I thought I was getting fruit but the cole slaw was good too–not too creamy–I ate about a half of it. My friend said she was craving a lot of food so she ordered a cheeseburger and onion rings. She loved the cheeseburger but not the rings.

When I got home, I dug into the cookies and ate my first one. The results were successful! Then, the day got interesting food wise. I got really bad hiccups a little bit later and sucked on a Watermelon Blow Pop and drank some water to get them to go away. My dad then asked if I wanted his ice cream again before I leave, and I didn’t want to tell my proud daddy no. So I ate some, and I am very happy that I did! I went to the airport after that and realized I wasn’t really hungry. I ate a fugi apple in my boyfriend’s car when he picked me up, and a couple of minutes ago I dug into this puppy:


Oh the glamor of college life. I still wasn’t THAT hungry. I just wanted to eat something before it got too late and to keep me from waking up starving tomorrow. I missed dinner–literally and emotionally. 😦 We will reunite tomorrow though! Stay tuned!


8 responses to “The (Not At) Home Stretch

  1. Ahh back to reality… I loved art history but paper writing is never fun.

  2. Sounds like a pretty fun day to me 🙂

    I love the idea of heating the milk up to go in the chex. That looks super yummy!

    I have to a Mimi’s Cafe for breakfast once when I was in San Fransico. It was pretty good!

    Hope your week is going good! ❤

  3. Those cookies look sooooo yummayyyyy!

  4. Such a cute blog! Love it!!!! I am going to try heating up my milk for my cereal…but doesn’t it make the cereal super mushy?

  5. hey girl!

    first of all, i LOVE your blog — thanks for stopping by mine and saying hi, otherwise i would have never found yours =)

    glad you got back to school safely (where do you go?!) and enjoyed that veggie burger and those cookies — yum yum yum!

    have a great tuesday!!!

  6. veggie burgers are just the best aren’t they!?
    great looking cookies too 🙂

  7. haha, cereal is the quintessential college student’s meal!

  8. blowpops and kashi go lean crunch– it doesnt get better than that!!

    LOVE the veggie burger as well ): xoxox

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