Did My Bagel Just Yawn at Me?

Phew! It is finals week, and I am feeling it! Luckily, I only have one more exam until summer freedom…that is until I start summer classes in two weeks.

I started off Sunday morning with my all time favorite cereal. It’s not an original one in blogland, but I’m not a noncomformist so that’s not a problem. (Lots of negations in that sentence…sorry ’bout that!)



I basically imagine myself chanting that.

After I consumed the little pb pillows of perfection, I was out the door for the drive to church. When I came back to the house, I was ready for the last brunch of the year. Everyone’s favorite part of the week is Sunday brunch in the house. Our chef knows what we like! Pastries, bacon, eggs, fruit, french toast and waffles galore! I topped a mini bagel with part of an egg white vegetable omelette and had a banana on the side.


Still a little hungry, I ate a Kashi TLC Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola Bar, compliments of the snack drawer. I’m gonna miss that treasure chest of snackage over the summer.

I worked all day on a PR proposal for a fake major announcement strategy. I developed a communications plan for a made up situation: that my all girls high school was going to start admitting boys! Only in my dreams would that have even been a consideration back when I was a high schooler.

For a snack, I had my favorite fruit and a little bit of Stonyfield Farm’s fat free French Vanilla yogurt.


Slight confession? I still haven’t totally fallen in love with Greek yogurt. I’m trying though! In the meantime, vanilla regular yogurt claims the top spot in the bid for my yogurt affection.

Dinner was from the house. I don’t have a picture of it, because I didn’t really have the true meal and what I did have was a little bit of an unenthusiastic mess. A very small serving of pasta with a tad of sauce added along red pepper and tomato slices with a hard boiled egg, corn and garlic bread on the side. Ho hum. I’m trying to appreciate the last few meals of prepared food for me, though. A mini homemade rice krispy treat was for dessert. Mmmm….that was good.

I retreated back to my hobbit hole–I mean room–for part two of my day o’ studying. I spent the rest of the night making flash cards for the slides I need to memorize for my art history final. So. many. slides. Like 150+. I stared at these weird images all night:

marsh1936 bather-with-beach-ball-picasso

My wonderful boyfriend took pity on me in my art history frustrations and brought me Red Mango to cheer me up and make me feel better.


Ah, ain’t love grand? I’m talking about the froyo, of course. Just kidding. It’s a little bit sweaty from the trip.

Because the Red Mango filled me up, I had a very tiny snack later: an Archer Farms Tropical Fruit Strip, also courtesy of the snack drawer.


I used to LOVE Fruit Roll Ups when I was younger. Well, turns out I’m no longer a young one because this was not too exciting for me. I would have much rather just eaten fresh fruit.

I’m excited to stop studying so my life’s not so boring. I feel like even my FOOD is boring. Like it’s yawning at me. One and a half more days…


14 responses to “Did My Bagel Just Yawn at Me?

  1. All your sorority meal talk is preparing me for when I have to move in…at the end of summer! I gotta adjust to 530 dinners (which means obvious later night snacking!), and the basic pasta dinners a lottt!!! I’m excited though! But that brunch does sound amazing!!

    And try some of the fruit flavored greek yogurts, if you’re not into the plain yet! I loveeee the strawberry chobani!

  2. Best of luck with all your studying!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that while I do like Greek yogurt, I only like it with certain things, on certain occasions. Give me my Dannon plain yogurt any day 😉

  3. I used to be IN LOVE with fruit leathers – but now I’d also rather pop a fresh fruit in my jabber. Definitely. They’re still good on occasion as a little chewy treat, though 😛

    Ahhh aren’t peanut butter Puffins THE BEST cereal in the world?! Hoooly cow. I could eat those for breakfast everyday. And I love your little PB Puffin chant – haha! 🙂

    Best of luck with the rest of your exams and with studying – I know it’s no fun but I’m sure when you get awesome grades it’ll all be worth it ya know? 😉 You’re almost done – summer is right around the corner!

    As for Greek yogs – definitely try the fruity or honey Greek yogs! Oikos makes THE most amazing Greek yogurt with honey at the bottom – SWOON!


  4. oh gosh girlie, your in college and it’s still going this late!? I feel for you. I am a communication major to strategies and plans are right up my alley and by no way not time consuming and difficult!
    PS LOVE Puffins too!! and getting samples sent from Stoneyfield so I will review that shortly!

  5. Don’t worry! I used to HATE greek yogurt and now I eat it everyday! Just keep trying it will grow on you!

  6. Good luck with your last exam- not long to go!

    I love Greek yogurt but can’t eat it straight up- need to sweeten it up *cough*alot*cough* and mix it with stuff 🙂

  7. Hope your finals went well!

    I love PB puffins…one of my fave cereals! The froyo looks amazing, too! 🙂

  8. youre almost done!!! good luck finishing up =)

    dude the snack drawer is LEGIT! my sorority definitely did not have kashi snacks — try greasy chocolate chip cookies instead!

    loooove me some greek yogurt, but it definitely takes time to get used to — stoneyfield is great too though!

  9. haha sometimes I feel like my food is boring too – I literally ate the same exact breakfast, lunch and snack two days in a row. But puffins are NEVER boring 😉

  10. strivingforbalance
  11. Good Luck with your studying girl. I know that crap is boring, but you gotta do whatch gotta do right?! haha.

    I think that greek yogurt takes some getting used to if you are used to eating regular yogurt, but after i ate greek for a while, I couldn’t even eat the regular stuff!

    Sunday brunch looks awesome!

  12. bagels and puffins and fro yo are NEVER boring! NEVER ever!
    and wow, don’t really like greek yogurt? that’s incredible…I can’t live without them!

  13. I agree about the fruit roll ups, nothing takes the place of fresh veggies or fruit for me! That Red Mango frozen yogurt looks great, it’s making me crave some Pinkberry lol. ❤

  14. Hi Amanda! I read Ashley’s blog and just got around to checking out yours. I have a little advice about the gree yogurt – try flavored – vanilla oikos is really good – or try adding lots of stuff into it, like granola or bananas.

    Anyway, your blog is great! 😀

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