Getting Groceries: My Favorite Kind of Shopping

Well, I’m done with moving! I am staying put in my apartment for three entire months. Luckily, this move was the easiest out of all the other ones I’ve assisted with this past week. Elevators, dollies and a/c really make a difference!

First, let’s do a time warp LOST style (is that right? I’ve never actually seen the show…) On Thursday night, I had my last sorority house dinner. What was on the menu? Salmon! YUM!


It’s back there, I promise! I had a very little serving of “mac” and cheese–because I couldn’t resist the cheesiness at the time–a lot of steamed broccoli and a pear on the side.

For dessert, I dumped a couple of these bad boys in my Choco-Chip Cookie Dough PB. Dark chocolate, Choco-Chip Cookie Dough and PB?! Yes, please!


I got a couple questions about how I control the nutritional content of my meals when I don’t get to choose what I eat. Luckily, my house has a salad bar that is always loaded with lots of fresh veggies. I added them to the meal when the other sides were less appealing. Also, I controlled portion sizes with what was served. And I always had my own cereal and peanut butter in the room. Most of the girls in my house are really health conscious, so our chef would know we would want healthier meals (there was normally always a vegetarian option too). Our snack drawer would have some Kashi bars from time to time, and I hoarded fruit from the fruit bowl in my room. πŸ˜›

Fast forward One Tree Hill style (a show I used to watch in my high school days…sadly) to today, aka move-in day, a very exciting day. I am now blogging from my apartment. πŸ˜€

Before my mom and I used our super-human strength (with the help of the boyfriend) to move all my stuff, we fueled up at Panera (ahem, I mean St. Louis Bread Co…gotta rep the hometown). I had the You Pick Two: Turkey Artichoke sandwich and Garden Vegetable soup.


It was the first time I got the sandwich, and I really liked it. It had a ton of flavor, and the bread was really crispy in a good way. I would order it again, but for dinner next time. I like lighter, simpler things for lunch.

After my stuff all got inside my apartment, my mom and I left to do the fun errand: grocery shopping! We spent probably close to four hours in three different grocery stores stocking me up. Needless to say, I’ve never had more fun. I also spent a lot of the time asking my mom, “How long will [insert food here] last before it goes bad?”

Check out my freezer! I’m very excited about trying the treats in the out-of-sight blue box on the right: chocolate covered bananas! And the Kashi frozen pizzas were on sale! I normally don’t use this many exclamation points!


And I have a bar drawer!


Once we got back from all the shopping, I was so exhausted from dealing with the logistics of moving today that I made my go-to comfort meal: Earth Balance PB and TJ’s Superfruit Spread on a sammie thin with carrots, grapes and sweet potato chips on the side.


For dessert, I had some more classic food comfort: Moose Tracks ice cream. My mom and dad had some too; it’s the family’s favorite flavor. Excuse the slightly fuzzy pictures. Dinner was not cooperating for the photo shoot tonight.


My mom and I unpacked and put away the food…but nothing else. Ha. So like us. Later, I snacked on TJ’s peanut-butter filled pretzels and a pear. That snack choice was after I had an epic fail: I burnt popcorn in the microwave. Now, I can sniff a lovely aroma in my apartment’s air…and apparently in the hallway too, according to my mom. I’m making friends with the neighbors, already, I’m sure.

Before I sign off this post, I would like to claim relation to someone in the blog world who is especially special (is that redundant?) to me. My big sister Ashley at Sweet & Natural. She’s the reason I started this blog, and the reason I know what I do about food. I’ve been helping her bake since I was tall enough to reach the microwave to warm up the butter. I basically still am the little sister who wants to do everything the big sister does…even at 20 years old. Through the years, we’ve gone to the same schools (grade school, high school and college), played for the same volleyball team (at different times) and had the same first job working at Limited Too (and hated it).

Oh, and we’re also looking to start a business together once I graduate college…we just don’t know what kind of business. So, if any of you have any ideas, we are all ears!



29 responses to “Getting Groceries: My Favorite Kind of Shopping

  1. Love the bar drawer – perfect place for them! I’m glad your move in went smoothly and wasn’t to much of a pain the buns! Can i please steal your freezer because you got some good items in there! Enjoy your new apartment!

    xox bri

  2. Grocery shopping is my kind of shopping, too!
    It’s therapeutic to aimlessly wander down the aisles.

    Chocolate chip cookie dough pb and cookies sound like nirvana together. Seriously.

  3. You girls are gorgeous!

    I am so jealous of your cookie dough peanut butter! I vaaant!

    Sounds like you had a LOT of fun shopping πŸ˜‰

  4. Yay sis! I was totally going to write a whole thing about how you used to melt my butter (umm…sounds kind of risque!) but then I forgot! Boo. I’m glad you covered it. It’s a very important part of your path to foodie-ness.

    Love you!

    Oh, and you don’t want to move to NYC – that’s different. πŸ™‚ But sad. 😦

  5. All your eats look amazing! Yay for sisters too, I have one that is a year older and she’s my best friend!

  6. Congrats on a successful move in girl and for getting the hook up on some great groceries. Don’t you just love grocery day?!

    Hope your having a great day in your brand new apartment…I just moved into a new house too πŸ™‚

  7. Congrats on the successful move! I can’t wait until I have everything moved and settled in St. Louis.

    Cute pic of you and your sis! So neat that you two want to start a business together. My sister and I chose totally opposite career paths, but we’re still best friends! πŸ™‚

  8. glad the move went well! love the bar stash πŸ™‚

    so cool to start a business with your sister- me and my brothers couldn’t be more different in our career choices! πŸ˜›

  9. You’ve never seen Lost?! You’re missing out!! That mac and cheese looks fantastic! Your stocked freezer is a dream come true to me πŸ˜‰

    Glad the move went well!!

  10. I am with you – there is no shopping better than grocery shopping. I always go in for one item and wind up spending $40!

  11. NO WAY! Limited Too was my first job too, and I hated it πŸ˜‰ hahah! That’s awesome. You and your sister are absolutely gorgeous. I’m so glad she got you to start a blog – because I enjoy reading it so much!

    I really like the idea of portioning out your plate when you eat, and going for veggies/fruits when the other sides don’t look as appetizing. I agree that eating healthy is so important, and I absolutely love your fruit hoarding (haha :P) and your bar stash. Not to mention those Kashi pizzas are to die for.

    Have a lovely day!!


  12. Grocery shopping IS the best shopping around!! Don’t get me wrong…I love clothes, but I just get so excited when I’m strolling the aisles of whole food’s or trader joe’s!! haha! Those kashi pizzas are great, and I love your little pb & j, pear, chips and carrots comfort meal!

    Happy SUMMER! πŸ™‚

  13. 1) I totally understand how sucky moving is… from the end of high school to undergrad to grad school up until 2 different places in Chicago, I moved (counting back and forth over summers)….12 times!!!! (at least.. I think I may have missed a couple). Going back and forth from parents house to dorm, sorority house, apt, house, different house, et.c) FINALLY now I am settle into a condo where me and the hubby hope to stay for at least 5 years!! As you can imagine I am thrilled about that!!

    2) WHERE can I get my hands on the cookie dough PB??? omg my husband’s fave food is cookie dough and I would earn some major points for bringing some of that home!!

    3) are you in Chicago? you mentioned that you had heard of the goings-on in CPS… jw!

  14. homegirlcaneat

    Your shopping trip looks exactly like mine would! Luna bars, PB lara bar (I can’t wait to try!!), ice cream, kashi pizza, etc! Woooo shawty we twins!! And I NEED THAT COOKIEDOUGH PB!

    You and your big sista are gorgeous!!

  15. P.S. I am SO proud of the PB Larabar purchase. I told you it was a dream.

  16. strivingforbalance

    chocolate chip cookie dough PB! Sounds heavenly!

    Thats a pretty picture of you and your sister! You guys should open up a bakery since you guys like to bake!

  17. I love your bar box! I have a bar jar just like it!

  18. merittothecarrot

    I see two beautiful gals! and I must say, I am pretty envious of your bar stash πŸ™‚
    Have a splendid evening!

  19. love the blog welcome!

  20. ahhhhh I am jealous of your bar drawer!! πŸ™‚

    That turkey artichoke sammy from Panera sounds SO good. your comment was so adorable.. snails sound very scary too! haha ❀ have a great day tomorrow girly

  21. Hi there, I added you to my blogroll if thats ok! And thanks again for the website for the PB, I already ordered some. Have you tried any other flavors? Do you have a favorite? They all look so good! πŸ™‚

  22. glad your move went well!!! omg i admire you for living in a sorority house and sharing food– i have the HARDEST time sharing food with people hehe.

    love the pic of you and your sis !!

  23. Aweee, you and your sistaa are soo cute! πŸ™‚ and totally random, but that picture of mac and cheese you have at the top of this post has TOTALLY got me craving some.. come to think of it, I haven’t had mac and cheese in like 3 years! whaaat have i been missing out on?!

  24. You and your sister look so cute together! You should start a healthy food delivery service like all those trendy services everyone’s trying in Hollywood these day.

    And isn’t grocery shopping fun? It’s so funny, but it really is one of my favorite things.

  25. I love your bar drawer girl! I haven’t had Panera in forever, I need some soup/sandwich action.


  26. Oh girl, where did you get that peanut butter?!?! I must get my hands on some of that!

    I’m with ya, I love grocery shopping! I don’t know how some people despise going out for groceries…its amazing! haha πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having a great day girlie!

  27. umm so much deliciousness in this post i can hardly handle it! i reeeeally need to try pb loco…maybe after i kill the FOUR pb&co jars (plus barney butter and other random PB!) i already have here! haha! i love grocery shopping too, though, sometimes it’s the highlight of my day. not pathetic at all.

    you and your sister are beeeautiful! i wish i had one =)

    have a happy wednesdayyy!

  28. Congrats on moving in to the apartment! Sounds like a fun (and very busy) day! Awesome stocking up too, grocery shopping is the best part! Your eats look so healthy and good!

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