Mexican Blueberries

I googled my title to make sure there are no such thing as Mexican blueberries, and lo and behold an Urban Dictionary entry tells me that the two words together mean LSD, or acid. I assure you that LSD has not been a part of my eats these past few days. Mexican food and blueberries certainly have, though.

My first Mexican craving came late Friday night. I then knew what was on the dinner menu for Saturday: chicken quesadillas. Does anyone else think 24 hours ahead of time what you’re making for meals? Nevertheless, I got out the Kid’s Flat-Out wraps and used the panini grill to smash some chicken and Swiss cheese between the fold.

I also warmed up some of Amy’s Vegetable Barley soup. It was my first time trying Amy’s soups, and as a fan of Amy’s food, I’m saddened to say that I wasn’t a fan of this particular soup. I should include in this criticism that I’m a new soup lover, and I may not have warmed the soup up enough. So my lukewarm review may be affected by my lukewarm soup. 😦

I felt like making a special breakfast Sunday in honor of my dad who makes his special breakfast for the family on Sundays. I used Kath’s Oatmeal Pancake recipe and slipped some blueberries in the batter…thus starting my very berry obsession.


Kath’s recipe is great because it makes the perfect portion. One pancake with good old-fashioned syrup on it. Delicious!

This summer, I’m actually interning with a wedding planner, and Sunday was my first event I was working. I was a little concerned about if I was going to be able to eat dinner while working, so I made sure to eat foods that filled me up in case eating later was going to be hard to fit in.

For lunch, I made a turkey burger with hummus and filling fruit for the sides.


Turkey burgers are my favorite kind of burger, especially paired with avocado and sweet potato fries. I guess it’s my version of the classic American diner combo of a cheeseburger and fries. The hummus was a nice substitute for the avocado I didn’t have in the fridge.

After driving an hour to the (almost) middle of nowhere, without getting lost(!), I happily munched on a Clif Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar right before I started work at 3 p.m.


This baby kept me over like no bar ever has! I ended up not eating dinner until I got off at 9:30. And I didn’t notice I was hungry until 8:45 when people at the reception starting eating their dinner. The smell of all the catered food got to me. Breadbaskets always look so good to me when I’m hungry. Luckily, I packed a bagel for the car ride home. When I’m hungry, the first thing I want is bread. Always.

For my first day of classes on Monday, I made a breakfast I’ve abandoned for far too long…oatmeal!


How could I turn my back on that gooey goodness? Strawberries and blueberries with brown sugar=my classic oatmeal mix-ins. I’ve learned that bananas and chocolate additions upset my stomach in the morning and I don’t like adding nuts or granola because I like my oats smooth and creamy.

For dinner that night, I had a strange craving for both pizza and Mexican food. What’s a girl to do?

Eat Kashi’s Mexicali Black Bean Thin Crust Pizza!


This pizza was so good. I love nontraditional pizzas and this one tasted great and filled me up! It was a little spicy, but only in the Mexican spices way—not the whoa, this is too hot for me to swallow spicy. I ate half of the pizza along with a salad and had the rest for lunch today. Leftovers are great.

I surprised the boyfriend and baked some Peppermint Cheesecake Brownies for him. It was the first time baking in the apartment, and they turned out really well! I was a little nervous because I don’t have a mixer, so I mix everything by hand and the cream cheese wasn’t completely smooth at the end. They still tasted great, though, according to the boyfriend and his roommates. Who needs a mixer? My arms will get good workouts this summer! 🙂


I had one straight out of the oven to make sure they were edible. And—okay—just because I wanted one. They’re probably more appropriate to make in December, but they sure were still tasty in June!

On a completely unrelated note, I realized today that I haven’t eaten out for ten days! This may be some sort of a record. I may even reward myself…by eating out! Ha.


22 responses to “Mexican Blueberries

  1. mmm those brownies look like black bottom cupcakes, glad your boyfriend liked them!

  2. that’s so funny about Mexican blueberries 😀

    I love the PB Mojo bar- definitely one of my favorites!

    Glad your boyfriend liked the brownies- they lookd great!

  3. rediscoveringlauren

    wow those brownies look amazing 🙂

    that pb mojo bar is all oer the blogging world, i wish they sold it over here! im so curious about it!

    have a nice night hun

  4. Looks like you’ve been eating well! When I’m hungry I always want bread or some grain-based product too. I think our bodies know that they are easily-digestible, quick forms of carbs.

  5. good thing I am about to go make me some breakfast because this post has amazing food.
    I just bought that bar so I am so glad to hear it kept you full for so long!!!
    the blueberry pancake looks great!

  6. Not eating out in 10 days!?? You go girl! I think that totally calls for a nice dinner out with your boy. Living smack dab in the middle of the city makes it a little hard for me to do the same. I should challenge myself though! Your eats look awesome and I’m glad to hear your satisfying your cravings!

  7. those brownies look so good!

    When I’m hungry all I want is bread too.. sigh.

  8. First time to your site and first time commenter here!

    First of all, I totally plan my meals out in my head sometimes, so don’t fly your freak flag on that one. I’m a big fan of Amy’s food too, but I’m not a soup person (too salty for me). However, her low-sodium veggie lentil is pretty darn tasty (not when it’s 90 degrees like it is here, but occasionally).

    It’s good to know the Kashi pizza was decent. I have the spinach/mushroom one in my freezer that I’m waiting to try, so that bodes well!

    How fun about the wedding planner gig. I edit a publication that covers wedding showers/bridal party trends a couple times a year and even though I’m not a girly-girl, there’s just something about a wedding…have so much fun!

  9. i just ate a blueberry pancake! sooo yummy
    that pizza looks pretty good too

  10. I’m feeling blueberry pancakes for bfast 2morrow. Thanks for giving me inspiration!

  11. Ha, you totally deserve to eat out, for not eating out in so long!! Time to spend some moneyyyy honey! hahaha……

    I’m sure the amy’s soup was sub-par due to it’s lukewarm temp, all soup needs to be PIPING hot when you eat it, it’s completely necessary!! That kind is also a little bland though, since it’s just vegetables!

    I’m glad you made it through work without getting too hungry….and PS those peppermint cheesecake brownies sound/look AMAZING!

  12. I love Mexican food! Probably one of my favorite ethnic foods.

    Your pancakes look delicious, too. We’ve got lots of blueberries here in MI, and I’m planning on eating as many as possible while I’m home. 🙂

  13. I’m not an Amy’s soup fan either. Trader Joe’s brand is so much better. Your Mexican pizza looks so good. I haven’t seen that one in stores before. I’ll have to find it.

  14. your boyfriend must have been one happy man!! great girlfriend! yum yum!!

    That’s hilarious mexican blueberries is slang for LSD!? What the hell is the corelation? haha anyway, it s funny!

    the rest of your eats look fantastic! mmm pancakes are such a great b-fast!

  15. YES you have to try the GM!!! Seriously, I am obsessed. I have to have at least 2 bags of spinach on hand at all times because many times I have more than one, and I hate to run out.

    If my husband likes them they MUST be good!! 🙂 Just start off with a little spinach and then add more in once you know you like it… my best ones are made with vanilla soy milk, spinach, ice, Jay Robb choc protein powder, and some PB2, but its also super good with regular PB and a banana!

    Let me know what you think once you try it!

  16. lol soo funny about mexican blueberries!!!!

    im not a huge fan of that soup either– but i agree in that amys products are all around GREAT!
    pancake looks fabulous 🙂 yummmmy! that is so cool you are working for a wedding planner! how fun!!!!
    LOVE that clif bar its sooo good!!! have a great day xoxo

  17. haha love urban dictionary.

    And of course, Kashi had the perfect solution to your craving, they never fail to please me!

    Definitely reward yourself with a fun dinner out, sounds like you deserve it! 😉

  18. I’m quite lucky – the brownies were delicious (as well as the white chocolate pretzels from earlier).

  19. strivingforbalance

    love that clif Mojo bar!!

    Kashi is great! I love their pizzas

  20. ps-just saw your comment….so I can’t actually give the recipe out….since it’s part of the book, but I CAN give you the ingredients and you can just play around with how much you want of everything!! 😉

    email me if you’re interested!

  21. CLIF MOJOS rockkkkk! 😀

    I definitely think of food 24 hrs ahead sometimes! There’s just not enough meals in one day! haha

  22. I am not a huge fan of Amy’s soups and have been pretty scared to try any more of them, haha. Those blueberry pancakes look amazing!

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